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Why the Moderators?

Why the Moderators and why add more now?

The new CCEL site came on-line the August of 2006 and included in the new site was the forums. At first the forums were a great place to get to know each other and exchange views. As time went on, however, the expressing of opinions become increasingly hostile against opposing views. Some of the old timers may remember the '06 Christmas thread. It became one of the most contentious arguments I have ever seen on-line. I volunteered to Moderate because of that thread. The hostility and abuse I saw on what should have been a celebration of Christ overwhelmed me and I could not let it go on.

I stamped on a lot of toes that first month, but I was so mad at what had been done that I felt no compunction at what I was doing. Many of the members applauded my efforts but some were very upset over the restrictions on their posts. They thought I was siding against them or that I was Satan's spawn for not allowing them to "preach against heresy". I received many insults and hate email because of what I was doing. Over time most of the members begin to recognize that I was dealing with them fairly and that I was developing a solid posting policy. That policy is now posted in the Official Bulletin Board.

Unfortunately we lost many good members before I was able to control the hostility and I think that upset me the most. To this day the basis of my posting policy is this question. Will this hurt somebody enough to cause them to leave? I will dump and ban a hostile poster now if I think the target of his remarks will leave because of him. There is no reason, not one, that anyone can give to justify hostility on this site.

This "taming" of the forums came at a cost to me. I sacrificed many hours, 3 to 4 hours per day 7 days a week over that first year, watching the posts/threads and developing policies. That is why you are here. We are seeing an incredible influx of new people and we hope that many of them will become posters. I need you to be there when I can not. Thank You.

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