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Walk quietly and carry a big club
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Deletion - The Moderators weapon

Here it is, your one and only club, post editing and deletion. The Moderators options give you the ability to edit or delete any post in any forum/group.

Use it sparingly. Know the Forum rules and stick to them. Do the minimum amount that you can. If it is just one sentence that is a problem, edit it and note it in the post. Write your notice in parentheses and use bold. Always post what you did. It tells the poster that he broke the rules and shows other posters that the rules are being enforced.

Be careful when deleting a post. Remember that all posts that are attached to that post will be deleted with it. Posters that use the "new comment" link at the top of the forum to add new posts link their posts directly to the top of the thread. Most posters use the "reply" link at the last post in the thread. This links their post to the post that they used the "reply" link on. In this way a whole series of posts will get daisy chained. When you delete a post all the posts that are linked to it, the entire daisy chain that follows it will be deleted. If there are more posts after the offending post it is best to edit the contents.

Note the Moderators can not delete threads. When we are talking about threads we are talking about the first text box in that thread, the one that is written when the thread is created and the Title. (Group Leaders can delete threads inside their groups.) The design of the site is such that giving the Moderators thread deletion/editing options outside of the groups would allow them to delete/edit all the nodes (threads are nodes) on the site, advertising and books included. This was a problem when I first started since I had to ask a programmer to delete threads for me and there was no one on the weekends to do that. I now have the option to delete/modify nodes/threads so if you have a thread come up that needs to be edited/deleted let me know soonest.

If a thread has been placed in the wrong forum let me know I can move it.

Anytime you want me to correct a thread email me the title and a link to it. I do have to find it :)

Member banning is the last resort. We do this for repeated offenses where no remorse is evident. Check the "Banned Members" list in this forum for a list of all banned nicks. You will see that most of them respect the ban. However there is one that has multiple nicks banned, Jim Taylor.

Usually telling a member that he is banned is sufficient, they will leave and not return. If the banned member keeps coming back then the Site Programmer can block his nick. But note that this does not stop him from registering a new nick and returning. In this case he is most often caught by repeating the same offenses. In extreme cases, such as Talyor's, the Programmer can do an IP block. This is blocking the abusers computer address and is limited. Your best weapon is diligence and being on top of it. They get the idea that they can't get by you, that you are going to be there to delete offending posts as fast as they put them up, they usually give up.

There was a procedure in the forum rules for a banned member to have the ban removed but no one has ever used it.

We are no respecters of persons. Notice in that banned list that there is an Archbishop of The Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church. He is an author of several books and internationally recognized. He was abusive and derogatory towards others. I don't care who it is, they break the rules, they suffer the consequences.

Brothers and Sisters, I have rarely been questioned about my post/thread editing/deletions or the members I have banned by Harry or the programmers. CCEL will back you up. You are trusted so don't abuse your position and lose that trust for all of us.

Which brings us to moderator posts. You can post and take sides in discussions but you must be a moderator first. I try to be neutral so that I may be seen as not being on any side. That is your call, but you must set the example.

Remember that, even though you are a volunteer, you are the most seen representative of CCEL on the site and as such influence the way members and guests view CCEL.

The gentle soft word is heard over the shout.
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