"Love the sinner, hate the sin" - is this Christian?

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Dear Brothers in Christ,

I heard that "Love the sinner hate the sin" mantra was initially uttered by Gandhi to expound on some principles of Indian non-Christian religious systems. I wonder whether it corresponds to the teaching of Jesus Christ?

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the reality of free will

Just to interject a thought about freewill. I believe man has a free will. Man chooses to do wrong. The Bible says that all have sinned, there is no righteousness no not one, there is non that seeketh after God. The fact is Man hates God and doesn't want God. The problem is not man has sinned but that he has done nothing but sin. He has broken every law. He has rebelled against God. Man in his free inclination does not choose God. That is why God chooses man and man is saved by Grace alone through faith alone based soley on the merit of Christ alone. There is not any merit in man that says for even faith is a work of God. (John 6)