Fighting in wars

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I am starting this new thread in response to something you said in the Interpreting Scripture with Scripture thread.

I agree with all you say about the fact that to truly believe in Jesus we must obey His teachings, but I think we differ on some aspects of what those teachings are. That is why I cannot agree with the following:

drp said -
Back to your question about my point. In both World Wars and in other arenas (of which N. Ireland is only one), “believing Christians” assaulted each other with all sorts of weapons. They “believed”, but can we say they “followed”? They were firmly within an orthodoxy (Protestant or Catholic), but were they Christians in their behavior? (Mt 23:3)

I see no indication of any change on the part of the leaders of the various “Christian” nations. Do you? They still “believe”, but are they any better at “following”?

If not, where do we turn? Is it possible to find good, practical leadership in the bible? And just what must we do to “follow” Jesus?

Of course Jesus taught us to love one another, but love does not always involve peace.

That is why Paul tells us:

Rom 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Sometimes in order to protect the weak or to stand up for truth and virtue one must resist evil.

Jesus Himself resisted evil when he drove the sellers out of the Temple (Lt 21, Lk 11).

I myself have made a personal decision never to take another life (because it removes that person's last chance to accept Christ as their savior) but I can certainly see defending myself and family and loved ones short of the point of force intending to cause death, and I can certainly see how others may not be led to that same decision through their understanding of Christ's teachings.

I guess I would ask you where the Scriptures teach in a consistent, unified method that we cannot go to war, fight and even kill to defend that which is right? What is the specific Scriptural basis for this, and how does it address all the scriptures which speak to the followers of God and Christ who did just that?

But of course this needs to be a separate thread so the moderator does not remove the posts as being off topic. :)

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Ibjmn2 stated: "After the

Ibjmn2 stated:

"After the flood, God limited man's exaction of vengeance to the standard of lex talionis, life for life. But when the Messiah came, that was to change back to the original standard God made for man: leaving vengeance to God. (Romans 12:19-20) Just as in the matter of divorce, Jesus restores man to the standard God set up in the beginning (Matthew 19:1-9). The original standard is the present standard because Jesus is the Messiah! Christians who truly follow Christ in this matter will not participate in war or consent to capital punishment when it is in their power to determine governmental policy on these matters".

If it were not for men going to war, at times very necessary, you would not be sitting at your computer, typing those words of yours noted above. You would not be on this site, as it may not exist, for if communism had won and Hitler reigned... where would be your right? You would have none.

Also, what about divorce for those in a highly abusive marriage? Should the person being abuse stay to suffer or lose their life? Is this what Jesus intended? No, he was addressing people (who like Henry VIII) wanted to divorce in order to satisfy a different need or because of lusting after another.

Sometimes, these awful things are necessary. No one wants to divorce... they do not start out in a marriage wanting it (unless they married for money and not love) and no one - no one wants war. That means Christian or non christian as no one wants to lose sons and daughters, husbands and wives.. no one.

Yours in Christ,

Yours in Christ,
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