Was Jesus God?

Been kicking this one around lately. At great risk to my sanity, I thought I'd pose the question to a wider audience. One thing I love about these forums is the different perspectives each poster brings to the table.

Was Jesus God?
How "much" God was Jesus?
Was Jesus fallible in any way? Limited?

I'd also like to know what you guys (and gals) think about Jesus being "in" us, or us being in Jesus--does that make us Divine? How much?

(I should have mentioned--I'm gonna play advocate for whatever side I see fit. I'll sound like a heretic, but really I'm a saint. Trust me... Really. No, seriously, it's okay.)

Jesus as the Divine by lkbaker
Pre-existing Jesus by undercoverdave
undercoverdave by JStaller (not verified)
Augustin by lkbaker
lkbaker by JStaller (not verified)

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