Comments on Practical Mysticism

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Inspiring human soal from binding by ownselves

I am so much agreed of what you commented. I have not yet started to read the content, but from the title page, I found a brillian statement, as this:

If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has clossed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern.

The above statement is profoundly and thoughfully. As when we think about Mystic, it may be just what the statement reveal, we all closed ourselves up by lay life and lay thinking.

I have watched a movie yesterday night, the film's name is "Spiderwick". Which is talked about a biological scientist who waqs so fasinated in researching the unsee world. In the film, they expressed that if one found the mystical world, one will indulge in the mystical world and even will isolate oneself from the practical world on earth.

This is very interested and very attracted. I do believe there has sunch a world in the earth that beyond our human knowledge. May be we won't understand, but we will always feel on it sometimes.

Do you think so?
I think this is why we are here.
God blessing.