A similiarity with Numbers and Hebrews

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This is an interesting subject, something that really has my concern lately. Has anyone made a connection with Numbers 15:28-30 and Hebrews 10:26-29? In Numbers 15:30 it speaks of how the soul that sins willfully, defiantly, or presumptuously shall be cut off from the LORD and His people. And again we can see something similar in Hebrews 10:26, no more sacrifice for sins if one sins willfully. I looked up the Hebrew word in Numbers 15:30 and it can mean haughty, arrogantly, or with a high hand. So obviously this is someone who sins with no regard for the Lord. Now, in the NT, does anyone have any idea how this works? Does one willful sin leave us with no sacrifice for sins? Or is it saying a lifestyle of willful sins, or is it saying complete apostasy? Anyone with knowledge on this subject, please enlighten me. Thanks.

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