Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?

God chooses by Marlyn
too harsh by jroberts
I know I will hate myself by King James v
Hi I meant to say The not by Maria Smith
King James V by Loutzenhiser
My restraint finally went by King James v
it's not a very good by jroberts
*sigh* by Loutzenhiser
It happens all the time. by michael_legna
I ONLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND... by countyroadmusic
dear jroberts.I must by Peter Francisty
ONLY ONE AUTHORITY... by countyroadmusic
Understanding and knowing by michael_legna
KJ v said - As to knowing by michael_legna
Thank you. by countyroadmusic
Calvin by DNR (not verified)
HI Michael by ken_baillie

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