Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?'s picture

God Never Possesses. Devil Spirits Do.

This whole topic of predestination cannot be confused with God imposing His Will on people to get them to believe on Him and accept His Son as Lord. This would go against the laws that God set up in the universe that deals with freedom of will. He does force or impose His Will on human beings or angelic beings. He wants all to worship Him by the freedom of their will. It's always the devil and his devil spirits that attempt to impose their will on human beings and angelic steal them away from God and to go against God's Will. Yes! Predestination is used in Ephesians...from the overall context that God knew before the foundation of the world that you and I would be born into this world and one day believe. However, just as Jesus Christ had/has choice, we also had/have choice to believe or not believe. As fellow believers, we still have choice to forsake our faith or stand firmly on our faith. Just as God protected the entire lineage of Jesus Christ so that one day he would be born into this world and accomplish God's Will, He did the same for you and I. He protected our lineage from the beginning to ensure that we would be born into this world and to make sure that one day we would be faced with the freedom of choice to reject Him and His son or accept Him and His son, who is our Lord, Saviour and King.....Roman 10:9,10---most churches ignore these fantastic verses that, in a very exact fashion tells one how exactly they can become born again, followed by many verses that state that we must believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.