Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?

to what exent to we have free will

To what extent then can it properly be said that we have free will?
Well certainly our will it is limited and contingent in its scope, just as every other aspect of our being is, being neither absolute nor eternal. We cannot decide all things for oursleves, but we find oursleves freely given a certain amount of givens in which we live and move and have our being. What about salvation? Well I think the bible makes it clear that we have free will concerning this too, which is likewise limited.Can we deifne in what sense we have free will exactly? I think our life is an interaction between God and us, obviously that is between persons that are unequal. To say that we have free will doesn't imply or mean that free will saves us, because we can will many things and not receive any of them either from God or man or oursleves, yet our wills or dispositions are given a special place in the scripture. They do seem to play some role and so does God's free will, which is above and sovereign over ours. So our free will does not negate Gods free will and since it doesn't , since God condescends to interact with us, I don't see why we should think that admitting free will to man, is to somehow threaten or insult the sovereignty of God, because it is all ultimatley by His pleasure and allowance.

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