Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?

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GOD Knows, for us Predestination is determined by our Free Will

Pre-destination . . .

It is pre-determined by GOD which of us will make it . . .

. . . absolutely all of those who of their own Free Will enter into HIS Kingdom Through CHRIST and in the Holiness of HIS HOLY SPIRIT and who are found there in HIS Will at the moment of their deaths will be found in the Book of Life . . . some saying the Kingdom and the Church are as one.

Anyway . . .

We are called. We don't have to answer the call.

HE is at the door. We don't have to let HIM in.

We are told the Truth. We don't have to Believe It.

Since Scripture says there are those who's names are added to the Book of Life and others whose names are removed from the book of Life . . . no one should feel very secure . . . confident perhaps . . . in a Fear and Trembling sort of way.

These kinds of seeming paradoxes fit right into Catholic philosophy and Theology and Faith . . . not so easily the once save always saved way of thinking.

Ours is a life-long activity of seeking the Kingdom and trying to Live and Grow in that Life and Hopefully to be found in that Life and Grace at the moment of our death.

This is why we Love our Church as She especially helps us with all the Sacramental means to accomplish this journey, this SPIRIT guided way of the cross in union with CHRIST, this Life of Sacrifice and dying to ourselves and Living with and for CHRIST and others.

I don't know who has the biggest claims on the things of the SPIRIT in this journey . . . I think the SPIRIT does as HE wills and goes where HE wills, going before and following and overshadowing and indwelling all, forming the Mystical CHRIST in us and us in HIM.

I do know that I Believe in CHRIST through my Church . . . that HE is in Her in HIS fullness . . . in every way that you may find HIM in every other place or religion of the world, HE is already there in Her . . . not one way, not two ways, not your way, not my way, but every way possible HE is found and Active in Her by HIS SPIRIT.

I also know that there are many inside and outside the Church who don't really 'Know' CHRIST or HIS HOLY SPIRIT and thus do not know the FATHER either.

That is the job for all of us here . . . making HIM known as best we can without offense or bitterness toward others.

I don't think this is easy, but we can do it. Our biggest battle is always going to be with ourselves.

GOD Bless us all and call us all to HIM through the SON in the HOLY SPIRIT forming us in the womb of Mary our Mother the Church.