Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?

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Predestination vs. Free Will

Well how does one such as my self say a whole lot with as few words as possible? The dilemma of free will is one subject & the other relatable term committed through theology is the debits of Augustine & Pelagius; then Calvin & Jacobus Arminius, (aka Jacob) where upon predestination fulcrums the question of free well; this subject is centuries old…But still as I conclude in my personal opinion you can’t have one with-out the other. Now I am sure this might cause a frenzy…

Now: ‘Out of the cross section, note the word “cross”; an intersectional conundrum arises from the depths of human frailty, infirmity, defenselessness—the place whereof none-decaying flesh & emanation invisible life meet were assembled. At the beginning it was in & of the make up of Adam & Eve—the discharge of eternal life. A collision some could ascertain likened the cosmos meets solid matter. Sounds eternal, but it is just that beyond what is comprehendible; such as the virgin birth of Jesus Christ…

And still so many almost demand an answer of their own ability to assist in their own salvation…?…‘Hard sayings & statements require greater measures of abandonment! A kind of abandonment in (inn) order to comprehend that humanity is the phrase out side the so called Christian realm. And still the element of decay remains to keep us humble to the fact we have to trust in something greater then ourselves. Sounds again ethereal? But it is just that…Greater is that life of Christ within a believer then that witch is in the world. The depths of G_d to have us understand Him apart from a heart & mind bent on its own stability; is also an insurrection against absolute abandonment to some-thing even more-harder to believe.

A believer comes to understand G_d concerning salvation via. from Him’…If a soul as a bad thought concerning evil, that does not come from G_d but from a human nature’. We’ call that awareness’ conviction by the Holy Ghost. This also came from Him’. When a believer receives a thought contrary to true truth, ‘are there not circumstances we can recall that arranged themselves in such a manner wherein one then comes to the understanding that it was G_d whom directed your path to comprehend His will & good pleasure. His’ concern for us as a single soul matters greatly! The individual has ability to do good or bad-evil—the consideration to have us change our own will comes from G_d because other wise we’ would just do what sin demands when coming from a single independent nature—a nature that came about at the fall is sin!

The discourse of creating understandable cognizance of the will to have life came from G_D’ & that does not mean that G_d sanctions a fallen nature is such, to degree to it having supremacy in ordering its own stay in salvation. Remember the devil, Satin tempted Jesus with the word and of that word one had eternal life and the other consisted of life with – out the eternal Spirit giving it life! The tree of knowledge contains the understanding of good & evil & contained in the Lords prayer, Jesus’ prayed deliver us from evil-!-The placement to receive a recognition from the approval of G_d’ as in & through Jesus Christ to reward a believer according to their ability to will, as to will in an ability apart from G_d’; O my what a shock to be faced with in a final analysis that G_d’ for-bid as Paul the Apostle would state; what then to see is but the finial understanding given concerning blindness & nakedness plus how dark is that darkness of the human heart that wills! All I’ve stated above annuls Prevenient Grace…Search out a salvation in fear & trembling, is as this soul am I’ given the ability to inquire.

thank you