Predestination vs. Free Will

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To what extent do we as humans have free will and to what extent has God predestined our lives?

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Amen KJT

KJT is quite right: What does it matter? When we stand before God, I doubt He will ask us if we believe in predestination or free will. The commandments the Lord gave are to love the Father with all our heart, and love our neighbors as ourselves. The only other thing Y'shua said that was required is to believe He is the Son of God.

Why must sides always be drawn and man-made labels be applied? I know nothing of Calvinism, and if that is what my beliefs agree with, it is not because of the word of man because I don't recall ever reading his works and certainly no one has taught me this. I am so ignorant of sects and labels I am not familiar with any that were mentioned. We are all Christ's and Christ is God's as said in the gospel of John.

Whoever it is that signs his messages: "I love Jesus and I do what I want" is really correct. If we love the Lord, then what we want is also what He wants because we delight in Him.

Marlyn Hills