The Theory and Desirability of Revival

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I am trying to locate a copy of Albert Barnes' "The Theory and Desirability of Revival".

Albert Barnes was a Presbyterian minister most well-known for his commentary series, "Barnes' Notes" (available at ccel). There was some controversy surrounding him so the circulation of this book (on revival) was hindered. (His wikipedia entry did not even mention it, in point of fact.)

If anyone has any information about a copy of this volume for sale, or an electronic copy on-line, please let me know.

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Book Source

I first heard about this volume in a sermon delivered by Richard Owen Roberts a few years ago. Mr. Roberts is an itinerate preacher. He owns an antiquarian theological bookstore in Wheaton, IL (near the college, in fact) with some 23,000 volumes as well as being a book publisher. I called to see if he had a copy for sale and he did not. It was then that he mentioned the controversy (which is also mentioned on wikipedia) and that the controversy lead to a low volume of production. He said if I found one I could expect to pay between $25-$90 or up to $125 for a leather bound. So, it does exist. I did not ask, but assume he has a copy of the book since he quoted it in the sermon.

(Now you know something that neither google or wikipedia "knows"!) :)

Mr Roberts has studied revival for some 60 years and has been in the book business for over 40 I believe; so he is a credible source in regards to books. In fact, last year he was called in by a college to appraise the former library of C.H. Spurgeon as the college was selling the collection. See for more information about his publications, etc. His phone number is on his web page if you wish to phone him for more detail.

This is all that I know.