The Theory and Desirability of Revival

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I am trying to locate a copy of Albert Barnes' "The Theory and Desirability of Revival".

Albert Barnes was a Presbyterian minister most well-known for his commentary series, "Barnes' Notes" (available at ccel). There was some controversy surrounding him so the circulation of this book (on revival) was hindered. (His wikipedia entry did not even mention it, in point of fact.)

If anyone has any information about a copy of this volume for sale, or an electronic copy on-line, please let me know.

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Where did you hear about

Where did you hear about this book? What is your reference? The reason that I as is because I can not find anything about online. I can not even find a reference to it in Google. And if Google does not know about it, well, there is a good chance it does not exist (at least if Google does not know something about a work in English). You would think we could find some word about the controversy at least. It is not even listed in the Library of Congress, so either it is only in manuscript form in some private collection, or the book has a different name, or maybe does not exist?

More info would be helpful.

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