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Today I read an article about 2nd Life, the virtual world. The article, linked here and posted below, was discussing the fact that virtual marriages were now being performed between the members. It discusses the impact in a real life marriage of having a husband virtually married to another woman, not his real life wife, in 2nd life. There is of course the emotional and mental damages being caused to the real life wife as well as the ignoring of the real life relationship and it's deterioration. It mentions the impact to the real life wife of giving her husband a drink while he is having cybersex (virtual sex) on line.

I know of course that there is no law that states that virtual marriages are in anyway "real" or that cybersex is in fact adultery.

My question here is, in this period of Grace under Christ's law....

Is this man committing adultery. Is he committing polygamy.

Please read the article before commenting so that we are all on the same page..

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