Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

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Why did Jesus have to die? I'm not asking what he accomplished by his death. Therefore, when I asked, "Why did Jesus have to die?" I am not looking for the reply, "In order to redeem the world."
I don't understand this passage.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish, but might have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him."

Why did he need to give up His son? Why did God need to be crucified to undue man's sin? Why couldn't God have simply done away with it? I don't understand how the Incarnation and Crucifixion were an act of love. God the Father said to God Son, "We love the world so much that you should be tortured and killed so that by your death, blood, and rebirth, man can bypass the Law, which no man can fulfill but you, my son, Jesus, the man-God." If no man but God (Jesus) could fulfill the Law then why should God bother dying to free men from the Law? Why not say, "Well, none is righteous, no not one, so therefore enter in."

How does Christ's blood wash away our sins? Someone once put it this way, "Say your brother is arrested for murder. It is for sure he is guilty, and the wise judge knows that it is so. Now, just as the judge is about to condemn the man to Death, you come into the courtroom and speak to the judge saying, "Judge, if you will but spare my brother, and forgive him his murder, you may take my life instead of his." To which the judge says, "Very well, it is known that you are a good man and that you have done no wrong, therefore I will let your murdering brother go, and his crime will be paid for by your Death." And then the judge lets your brother go, though he is a murderer still, and you, the innocent man are killed for his crimes."

Forgive me if I don't understand. Where is the justice? Where is the love?

I'm not trying to challenge anyone's beliefs. I've come here for help to save my own!

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The mechanics of transference/ Laying on of hands.. level basic

All G-d, All the time.....amen. The mechanics of transference/ Laying on of hands from the Messianic Jews. It is not news that there is an apparent inherit nature within all that has its 'inclinations' towards what is ascribed as Self-evil. In English its called by Rabbi Shaul, (the apostle Paul), as the sinful nature. In Greek, Sarx. In Hebrew, the Yetzer ha Ra. This nature is dominate in all peoples of this realm. It co-exists along with what Paul called the inner man or in Hebrew the Yetzer ha Tov. It is the Yetzer ha Tov nature that delights in the things of G-d but is not dominate within us. In orthodox Judaism one of the primary purposes of the Meshiach/Messiah is to remove the Yetzer ha Ra from man enabling perfection. Albeit they are not exactly sure as to how he is to do this other than through the power of the Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit. What Judaism does understand is the mechanics of transference which seems to be what your query is about.? The sacrificial lamb as most know was suppose to be without spot or blemish etc......this might seem odd to many in a prima fascia way as to why something with the appearance of innocents should be offered up for something just the opposite! lol And so it would be true unless one understands the mechanics of transfer behind it.

To the Jew at the end of the year when, shall we say a complete and honest accounting of oneself to adhere/works to the living Torah/Mitzvohs failed... The remedy for such was a judgment of death. But whose death? lol The Law as its called perfectly defined as Paul said the Yetzer ha Ra nature within us. The law was never meant to be kept but to reveal the pure and complete unrighteous nature of the Yetzer ha Ra. And as long as it existed/lived within us there was zero chance of obedience or pleasing G-d, and or a relationship with him other than one of an adversarial kind. So how to kill the YHR without killing the vessel itself that it rules? Before the time of Yeshua being our 'sacrificial lamb', through the laying of hands, the Jew would lean forward with both hands on the lamb without spot and pray. This was a symbolic exchange of natures! The Jew would take on the nature of purity from the lamb and give unto the lamb the YHR. To wit the lamb was then taken and killed etc.

This symbolism of transference as is with all things relating to the school master that is called the Law, is well understood by us Jews. All people have the YHR, it is almost the identifier that marks you upon your incarnation here as being a citizen of the world. When Yeshua said; ......'Physician heal thyself'........because the Jewish people constantly claiming they knew him and thought him to be of this realm, thereby having the YHR within him as well....But if he is not from here, but from what is called heaven or the other kingdom. Then he would not have the YHR and only the YHT. This simple truth would make him immediately the only candidate able to be a fitting exchange for man in the sacrificial system. To say that Yeshua is now the sacrificial lamb changes nothing in the old ways that were our school master to the new covenant and indeed fulfills them. First, there comes the recognition of that nature within all people and man in general. Second, that the nature in and of itself is not redeemable and has zero soundness in it. It is by its very nature fit for destruction alone. This nature of self/vanity/YHR is what most people identify as being who they are or their core nature as a person and the world. Understandable then that it might be a bit difficult to offer it up as a living sacrifice! lol Until by grace that it is seen for what it is and that by comparison to the holiness of the Living Torah/Yeshua. So we have by that comparison two creatures, Yeshua/YHT and Us/YHR.

To come to Yeshua on the cross or to be called by G-d to the cross is the place of transference. There on the cross is the YHR/YOU! Just like with the old way of laying on of hands to an animal/lamb and exchanging of natures. It is no longer you who lives but Yeshua. You exchange natures. You are no longer from below in nature but from above, being partakers of that divine nature which is the YHT that only Yeshua not being from this realm is. Unconditional love is the heart behind the transfer. To lay down your life/YHR for that of another Yeshua/YHT. The fact that so very many struggle in what seems to be a prolonged type death or transfer of natures in Christendom is another subject. But the basic mechanics of why an innocent for the guilty is being essayed here. The reason why Yeshua rose from the dead in further simplicity is as such; As Paul was given to say; unless he did, you are still with the yhr or in and with your sin. Meaning that the sacrifice was not excepted by G-d because Yeshua was just like us in primary nature and was with the YHR from incarnation here as well. So Yeshua takes the YHR and exchanges his YHT nature with us. He/IT is sacrificed as is fitting a fate for that nature. To show that the sacrifice was accepted and that he being who he said he was from the beginning, arose from that judgment of death having fulfilled 'ALL' that was required of the all defining law and cross description of reality.

So in review, First one know the depth of the offense in respect to the depth of the payment....it costs everything. Second, a calling of G-d to come to that place of sacrifice and in unconditional love through grace offer up the living sacrifice which is what most people call themselves but is really the Vain/YHR. Third, there need be something there i.e. a holy nature to exchange your nature with a Holy one. Four, grace brings faith/certainty of the transference because that Yeshua by his eternal and holy nature still lives. Otherwise if he being the same as us, could not impart or exchange anything to those who would out of the calling of grace, offer such a unconditional loving and living sacrifice to G-d. Because he rose from the dead, we know that those 'called' to come in fullness of faith/certainty to offer themselves up in death via the cross to exchange lives/natures will be so regarded by G-d as Yeshua is. sweet journey, shalom m>r&d