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Jeremiah - Septuagint vs Masoretic

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The clear distinction between the Septuagint and the Masoretic version of Jeremiah is problematic.

The Septuagint is commonly referred to as the Eqyptian version because it is thought that Egypt is where it was translated and the geographic separation with the Palestinian area could explain some of the textual differences with the Masoretic.

The Masoretic is sometimes referred to as the Babylonian version because it was developed by those who returned from Babylon.

In my view the Eqyptian, Septuagint, version of Jeremiah should be more authentic since Jeremiah went with the group that escaped to Eqypt. This group would have a more authoritative version of what Jeremiah wrote.

Jerry Heath


I understand the significance of Standards or Context or Pedigree. In fact m original question about the Talmud went to the very point of Pedigree.

Please address my original statement.

I found your comment about the Babylonian texts interesting since in recent years I have been reading of a distinction in the accuracy of various versions of the possible Talmudic sayings when compared to those originating prior to the Babylonian captivity. This seems to suggest that the Babylonian Talmud may have been unduly influenced by other religions.
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Would you agree that the Babylonian Talmud was unduly influenced by other religions?

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