Can a Christian be demon possessed?

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I recently was involved in a deliverance with a close friend whom I serve and minister with. I would with a doubt say he was a Christian. Born again, bible believing christian. It was real possession, and true deliverance, thanks be to God.
The two scriptures I am studying is, 1) when Jesus tells Peter, "get behind me satan." and 2) Luke 22:3 when satan enters Judas?

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you should say instead of i love my Jesus and do what i want , you should say like I live for Jesus and i crucify my flesh because what your flesh does is war again your spirit because you can't fulfill the lust of the flesh and live in the Spirit of Love because like in the same book in chapter5 in verse 17 till 26 if you read it's saying that you have to live by the Spirit more than by the flesh

May God Bless You and Keep You