Can a Christian be demon possessed?

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I recently was involved in a deliverance with a close friend whom I serve and minister with. I would with a doubt say he was a Christian. Born again, bible believing christian. It was real possession, and true deliverance, thanks be to God.
The two scriptures I am studying is, 1) when Jesus tells Peter, "get behind me satan." and 2) Luke 22:3 when satan enters Judas?

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Katrina the Bible teaches very clearly a true beleiver cannot be possessed in MATT chpter 12:22-30 JESUS is dealing with the pharisees they acuse him of being possessed he explains to them that anyone who is filled with the HOLYSPIRIT(beleiver) cannot be possessed in verse 29 of MATT CH-12 jesus says Or how can one enter a strongmans house and plunder his goods,unless he first binds the strongman?and then he will plunder his house (meaning if the person is filled with the HOLYSPIRIT how can satan tie up the HOLYSPIRIT and take over the body rather the HOLYSPIRIT would tie up satan and throw him out obviously the HOLYSPIRIT being more powerful. light and darkness cannot dwell together do you rememeber when JESUS is telling the disciples when a demon is cast out it it goes fourth looking for someone to posses if it cannot find no one it goes back to the place it once dwelt and if it finds it clean it will bring 7 more demons worser than itself( meanig if the person doesnt except JESUS CHRIST as there lord and savior and receive the gift wich is the HOLYSPIRIT he can be possessed