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Reply to: Good point Jeff: the leopard cannot change who he is
Submitted by DanFugett on Tue, 2011-07-19 17:02.

scancelous? Is that a word?

Dan, you can't do this to me. My vocabulary is too weak to tolerate typos from you and Justin and ElderDad who often use words I have to look up. So when you typo it takes me a long time to find the word. So be nice! :) I assume you meant to type scandalous?

Dan writes,

O I can choose to do the right thing among several choices, to give, share, be friendly and just and merciful ... but can I choose to be right with God or not to sin or stop sinning? No because Christ delivered us from the punishment and power, but not the presence of sin; and the sinner isnt freed enough from the power and punishment of sin to have a free will and conscience to choose godliness.

Jeff writes,

Dan, I am struggling with this right now in my walk. What I see so far is this... I cannot, by my works, earn merit with God because, as you affirmed, we can't do right because we are rotten to the core. But on the other hand, am I doing that .0000000001% thing you spoke of? I mean, if I am still sinning have I fully learned to give myself 100% to God? I believe that is the goal and some may progress more quickly than others. The goal being to be in Christ at ALL times. And, if I am truly in Christ then isn't my life hid in Christ? If my life is hid then what part of it is still exposed? .0000000001% ?

So for me the key is to depend 100% on Christ and not even .0000000001% to self. That's the only safety.

Now I said earlier that we can't earn our way to heaven. So is trying to be good a type of trying to earn our way to heaven? Trying to be good enough to past muster? Well, I had to reconcile this in my life because it was my desire to be like Christ as much as possible. So I found myself trying to be like Christ while struggling with the notion that I was being legalistic. But I am moving in this direction: wanting to be like Christ and to please Him (not disappoint His efforts on my behalf) is different from wanting to escape hell. If I sin do I confess because I fear judgment or because I am sorry that I demonstrated that in some part of my life I am not in harmony with God? Do I desire to be in harmony with God to escape judgment or because I admire His character? Hopefully the later in both cases.

I also had to ask myself the question-- How do I define eternal life? Is it days without number or is it Jesus Christ. Jesus said in John 17 that eternal life is to know God. I believe the Bible teaches that Jesus is Eternal Life. Therefore, to have Jesus is to have Eternal Life. And, Jesus is Righteous. The wages of sin is death but one can now say that the gift of God is Righteousness. Death has no power over a righteous person and so the tomb could not "legally" hold Christ. I say legally because it is the law of God which gives sin the power of death. (Sin is the sting of death, but the law is the power of sin. It is the law which has power to put us to death.) It is unjust to put to death a righteous person. So to have Christ is to have Righteousness is to have Eternal Life. And, since death has no power over Righteousness that equates to an endless number of days.

Now I fully realize that I cannot earn heaven. Jesus purchased that for me. But it seems to me that God does not force me to take it. He makes it available to me and all I have to do is reach out and take it. My faith says it's there and that I can have it. But I must take possession of it myself. So I see that my effort to be like Christ is proportional to the value I place on the gift. The more I want it, and it is there and paid for by Jesus, the more I will try to have it. The more I try to have it, and I could never have bought it for myself, the more I will strive to take leave of my unrighteous self and dwell in the Righteousness of Christ. [I hope this makes sense. It made a lot more sense when I was contemplating it in my head while driving. But of course when I sit down to write it out I get in the way.]

Well, hopefully you can chew on that and regurgitate it back to me in a more concise form.



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