Comments on De Servo Arbitrio “On the Enslaved Will” or The Bondage of Will

Good point Jeff: the leopard cannot change who he is

As I understand and have experienced humanity, your views in this area seem to match mine. I have known many people who want to be nice, do the moral thing, be a good citizen. But they dont want to come to God on God's terms, a helpless and unworthy sinner who knows only God's mercy can save. But by nature humankind does not want to admit we are worthless sinners bound for eternal damnation apart from God's grace. As Luther points out, it is human nature to want to be able to contribute. We want to know we did our part even if it is only .0000000001%. Following Church history one can see how we reached that point: grace is scancelous and grace like Luther taught doesnt give much credit to people. It can be amazing to read passages that speak of the leopard that cant change its spots, being conceived in sin, there is none that doeth good, all have sinned and fall short; and then hear these passages turned around to say something other than their plain and clear meanining. It happens and then it is tough to know how to respond. O I can choose to do the right thing among several choices, to give, share, be friendly and just and merciful ... but can I choose to be right with God or not to sin or stop sinning? No because Christ delivered us from the punishment and power, but not the presence of sin; and the sinner isnt freed enough from the power and punishment of sin to have a free will and conscience to choose godliness.

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