Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Hogndog, Are you alright? It


Are you alright?

It may be true that some wrong-minded zealot, much like yourself, may or may not have composed this document you have put forth during some sorry time of history and circumstance when all men were talking thus to each other, on both sides . . . cutting out each other's entrails . . . as apparently both sides did.

That is not the Church. That is wrong-minded people.

Do you think that any right-minded man would say such a thing? No.

If you think this is or has ever been the Catholic Faith, it is you who are this wrong-minded . . . not those whom you write about and whom you lash out at.

Please pull yourself out of this gutter you are in.

I do not now know and have never ever known even one single Catholic who thinks like what you describe, even on their most wrong-minded day.

I know there are plenty of times in history when such as you describe may have passed themselves off as loyal Catholics . . . but they weren't.

The IRA thing . . . the British and Irish killing each other . . . is cultural . . . not Catholic . . . and is more in opposition to both of their proclaimed Faiths, which they cannot rightly practice and still murder one another . . . but they have done it . . . wrongly . . . just as you do now . . . inciting hatred toward the other.

You better give that hate over to the LORD . . . cause it won't take you anywhere you want to go.

You know, whether or not that document you quoted ever was a legitimately published document or not . . . and I strongly suspect it not to be a true document in any way . . . it will do your soul no good to believe that it is.

Look at yourself, man. Look at what you are becoming with all of this hate. You are becoming a blamer and accuser of your brethren. It's grabbing you inside and out.

Who can comfort you? Who can assuage you? Not even CHRIST could dissuade you from your evil thoughts.

It is so easy for one such as you, who hates and blames, to change a few words here and there to a legitimate document and completely alter it's meaning or tone. I know you are convinced of the veracity of said document . . . since you 'want' to believe it. I am not convinced and do not believe it. And even if in some manner said document ever was made by someone in the Church . . . it is totally in disagreement with anything I know of the Faith. Such a document could never carry any weight of Faith or Teaching.

I could believe that some fanatic . . . much like yourself . . . claiming to be Catholic . . . might actually be persuaded by such a document . . . but no Faithful Catholic who actually Believes the Teachings of the Church would be persuaded by this document.

Try something else. Look to be Holy. Love your neighbor and also Love those whom you strive to see as your enemy. Follow CHRIST's example. Don't become worse than what you think those whom you hate are like.

We all have to watch out for such a self-deception . . . by which we choose to deceive ourselves into believing that since we think that the other guy is so bad . . . then we too are justified in being as bad as we 'think' they are . . . and that we must do the same as we 'think' they did. Fear drives this.

However, CHRIST said that we cannot be that way, even if it does seem to be true about the other guy.

We are coming face to face with such issues currently in those who are fanatic muslims, who think it is legitimate to kill every man, woman and child of the infidels . . . just as you imply and believe that the Catholics also promoted such a same wrong-mindedness in this document of yours . . . just as all fanatics everywhere end up promoting and justifying . . . even you if you don’t watch out.

But even if some have actually believed this wrong way . . . they do not all believe that way . . . probably very few . . . but it only takes a very few to do a great deal of trouble. We have already come face to face with this type of wrong-mindedness many times throughout history, time and again, and in every religion and in every culture.

We all fight against this kind of wrong-mindedness . . . or we die . . . or we murder and then die.

Here’s one for you to consider:

Abortion and Contraception are this same form of wrong-mindedness . . . whether you or I recognize this or not . . . and so many so-called Christians and Catholics practice these. Most contraception is the murder of an already fertilized egg. Even if this does not directly destroy the fertilized egg . . . contraception still seeks to prevent the unborn microscopic soul-filled-Life from proceeding any further in the Mother’s womb.

The whole idea of contraception is anti-GOD . . . and . . . is irresponsible . . . and disrespects the number one purpose of sex . . . to be open to the forming of new Life.

Respect, communication, Faith, moderation . . . did I say respect . . . can be practiced in marriage . . . but only if this is coming from a self-sacrificing Love for the other and from a self-sacrificing Love for the children who are being formed in Love and with Obedience to GOD and the way he made our nature. Maybe it’s not easy. But it is the right way . . . it is GOD’s Way.

How can we say that we respect our spouse or our children or ourselves if we cannot even respect Life as GOD created it or if we cannot respect a legitimate Life which is already formed, whether or not it is a microscopic Human Life . . . or whether it is a Human Life of one who is ready to be delivered?

If you understand what I just said . . . GOD Bless you.

Don’t become a fanatic anti-Catholic Church person . . . or a fanatic anything . . . and don’t turn into a terrorist . . . as they justify such evil things as you have described . . . and they become what they hate.

As to taking action against those we legitimately see as being threatening to us:

It is ok and necessary to defend ourselves . . . but don't become what you are defending against . . . or what you wrong-mindedly 'think' you are defending against.

GOD Bless you and us all.