Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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I Would Like An Answer

After reading this are you still going to give your strength to the Anti-Christ? And please don't tell me its off topic, It came from our library.
Will they ban that book here?, no the question is when they ban it. Because you see, I live in this world the same way you do, open to the elements. and its elemental and interesting that they have been successful in banning it in most if not all of the book stores.

The president of Turin, after giving a large sum for his life, was cruelly beaten with clubs, stripped of his clothes, and hung feet upwards, with his head and breast in the river: before he was dead, they opened his belly, plucked out his entrails, and threw them into the river; and then carried his heart about the city upon a spear.

At Barre great cruelty was used, even to young children, whom they cut open, pulled out their entrails, which through very rage they gnawed with their teeth. Those who had fled to the castle, when they yielded

Those children one day will be yours and you will be in the river. You see Satan himself is a liar, and doesn' t give a hoot nor holler who you are.

Saved by grace and grace alone