Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Lansing, At least you are


At least you are honest.

I do believe you have it all wrong as to the Catholic Church . . . but you honestly and sincerely have it wrong.

Better to be hot or cold.

I could come up with a scenario just as good as yours . . . and leave the Catholic Church completely out of it . . . but that's a book.

I'm just saying that because of your bad-will . . . you have completely missed every good thing in the Church . . . choosing to see only the bad.

There will always be Judases in every religion. There will always be Wolves in Sheep's clothing. But we are not all like that.

There is also Holiness in the Church throughout the ages.

Catholics may fast and abstain . . . but that is only for fasting and abstaining . . . we eat absolutely everything when we are not fasting or abstaining. You know, moderation is the key.

The False prophet and the anti-christ just may put themselves up in Rome. I don't know. They may. But you won't know the difference . . . as you didn't recognize the real Church either or any of Her Holiness or any of Her Saints. You only look at the Church with bad-will . . . and it is obvious to me if not to you.

What you said about the Eucharist is not Biblical or kind or correct. If you do not Believe the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of CHRIST than you have not correctly read John.

"Unless you eat my Body and drink my Blood you will have no Life in you or any part in the Kingdom . . . And MY Flesh is real Meat and MY Blood is real Drink. . . . And he who eats my Flesh and drinks MY Blood abides in ME and I in him . . . and I will raise him up on the last day." . . . my paraphrasing.

Purgatory has nothing to do with our Salvation. That's your idea.

But I am glad that you Love the LORD. Please show it by your kindness to others. And quit reading Spiritual Trash that brings such an uncharitable disposition to you.

You will be happier and a better person and will lead more people to the Loving CHRIST if you quit reading that trash which so sours your disposition and your soul.

GOD Bless you and me too.