Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Amen! Hogndog Amen! JESUS,

Amen! Hogndog


JESUS, through HIS Church helps me to not be one of those bad guys who seem to be in love with their sins.

I barely could survive one day without the Sacramental Life of the Church which JESUS, the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT give to us to help us Live a Holy Life in this world in preparation for the next.

The Holy Scripture is a big part of that Sacramental Life of a Catholic. Grace is a big part of the Sacramental Life of a Catholic too. Our actions are a big part of that Sacramental Life of a Catholic too. All the visible and invisible, Sacramental, aspects of Life are included in the Catholic Life.

And any Baptized Believer in CHRIST can benefit from the Sacramental Life of the Church. And if a non-baptized non-Believer in CHRIST benefits from the Sacrifice of CHRIST, it is somehow accomplished through CHRIST but in union with the prayers and actions of the Church . . . which desires, together with HER GOD and Creator that all men should come to the knowledge of the Truth and be saved.

That is my Catholic take on all things JESUS . . . it may not be yours . . . but you must feel similarly about the things you Believe in concerning JESUS . . . but from your perspective . . . having your own view as to what the Church is and how one is saved by JESUS acting through HIS Church . . . because HE clearly built a Church and sent that Church into the whole world and the gates of hell shall not prevail against HIS Church . . . ever.

Remember, the only Scripture in JESUS' Day was the Old Testament.

But again, Hogndog . . . Amen! Amen! to the Scriptures you quoted in the last post.

It is scary to think how any such Scripture as the one you quoted could ever be true, but we have plenty of evidence that it is so.

Like a woman in pains of giving birth, the troubles come and go and with ever increasing intensity as the 'time' of delivery draws near.


GOD Bless you.