Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Lee, Of course that kind of


Of course that kind of treatment is disgusting and evil. Do you expect we Catholics to say something other than that?

Such treatment was just as evil when the so-called Protestants did it to another Protestant or when the Protestant did it to a Catholic . . . or when a Catholic did it to a Catholic . . . or when an atheist did it to a Jew or a Christian.

How can you think otherwise than that we all believe such things to be evil?

I will say this . . . that if you keep reading such as that and don't 'get' that such as that is 'evil' no matter who and in what name it is being done . . . then you have the problem.

Your mind is already much darkened in that you can see only 'evil' in the Catholic Faith which I hold to be most Beautiful . . . as CHRIST gave it to us by way of the Apostles Whom HE sent into the whole and entire world to Teach and Preach HIS Truth and Kingdom . . . giving to them the power and authority to bind and loose in Heaven as on Earth in matters moral and Spiritual.

If CHRIST did not give this power and authority to HIS Church, then the New Testament Bible truly must be a fable . . . or such as that . . . since we then cannot even expect to understand such simple and straightforward words as these words of commission given to the Church by CHRIST.

CHRIST left HIS Church in charge. She has sinners being made into Saints. She is Holy not because of the sinners in Her but because of CHRIST's Holy Spirit in Her . . . making us Holy.

All such things as you mention are merely some evidence, correct or skewed as this evidence may be . . . and I believe some of it is skewed and misplaced . . . all such things as you mention and such other examples which we can find almost anywhere and everywhere in this world and almost anytime in history . . . these merely say that there is such a thing as sin.

Sinners of any persuasion are sinners and do evil things in the name of the powers that be . . . sometimes falsely and sometimes behind closed doors . . . etc . . ..

You are taking someone's word that these things happened exactly the way you say and for exactly the reason you say and . . . you know something . . . you may be right . . . but then . . . you more likely are wrong . . . if not in total . . . then you likely are wrong in some detail or another as to the facts and circumstances. And you could be entirely wrong as to the guilty parties in the matter.

Nowadays, George Bush gets blamed for absolutely every single thing . . . to the point of ridiculousness.

This is the way you sound toward the Church. It is ridiculous. If I followed you or anyone around with a camera and recorder, I would find as much dirt on you or your family or friends or associates as you think you have found on the Church . . . or I could make it look that way . . . and vice-versa.

All this would do is merely show your’s or my ‘bad-will’ and skewed view of all things Catholic or toward you or it would show our skewed view toward whatever persuasion we choose to pick to deride.

Sin and Evil . . . Evil and Sin . . . these go together . . . and anyone is capable. Peter received praise and condemnation almost in the same breath from CHRIST . . . Head of the Church whose Faith as the Rock of foundation (earthly foundation only . . . who is part of the one Foundation of CHRIST WHO is in Heaven) cannot fail . . . and . . . get thee behind me satan . . . almost with the same breath of CHRIST . . .

I know you don’t believe this about Peter the way I do . . . but I do.

Do you understand what I am trying to get you to ‘see’ and realize?

Get your head out of the trash, if you can, while you can. If you cannot remove these thoughts from your mind and heart and soul, it will make you to miss many a beautiful thing in this world and in the Church.

I’m not telling you to quit fighting against ‘evil’ . . . but . . . to be fair . . . see it where it is . . . everywhere . . . in you and in me . . . and strive to become a Saint . . . a good person . . . perfected in Holiness through CHRIST.

Just because all Churches have sinners does not make the Church, Herself, to be un-Holy or evil. There is always plenty of evil around . . . inside and outside the Church . . .

But there is plenty of HOLY too . . . inside and outside of the Church.

I know you may not understand or accept my message to you. If so, than so be it.

I really don’t believe there is a place for ‘blamers’ or ‘haters’ in Heaven . . . unless they get over it. If we want to blame or hate someone or something . . . blame ourselves and stop at that.

I’m not calling you a blamer or hater . . . but I think if you keep on with this stuff . . . you may wind up becoming one of those.

GOD Bless you and me and us all.