Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Hogndog, A strange beginning


A strange beginning to this story from your book . . .

No one can be canonized while alive in this world. So how did the Pope 'canonize' Dominic?

This makes no sense in this story.

And . . . the whole story makes little sense.

The same calumnious things are said about anyone who has any power for any length of time anywhere and at any time in History . . . even the United States can find as many detractors and as many calumnies as you would be want to hear . . . even among her citizens at this time in history . . . not to mention among Her enemies.

I'm saying that in general you are wrong, even if you can find some specific cases in which you may be right . . . none of which should be blamed on the Pope or the Church . . . in the vast majority of cases.

There have always been and will always be 'Bush haters' . . . 'GOD haters' . . . 'people haters' . . . just plain hate the people in charge haters . . . and there will always be those who will spread this hate around 'convinced' in their own minds of the veracity of their hate.

I'm not saying you are a hater . . .

I'm not even saying that what you have said is so entirely hateful . . .

. . . but it appears that you may be leaning in that direction . . . perhaps lumping me in there as an object of your scorn . . . so to speak . . . since I so Love the Church you are talking about . . . but I looking at Her much differently than the way you think I look at Her.

She is my Mother. She Sanctifies me from Her Womb where I meet and am washed by CHRIST and Fed by HIM and healed by HIM and formed into HIM in spite of my fallen nature and sins . . . She accomplishing this in me and for me through the Sacramental Life of the Church.

Anyway, you may correctly attack the individual lives and sins of the members of the Church . . . and those of the members of any church . . . if you think you must . . . but . . .

I think you are going the wrong direction in your pursuit of such things as you have said against the Church and in your trying to make the Worship of the Church toward Her Divine Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, to be somehow 'evil' in itself.

You are in error in this tactic . . . this being my opinion.

Regardless of thinking you to be in error . . . I believe you are a sincere person . . . that you Love the LORD . . . though I believe you are sincerely wrong in the foundation of what you wish to prove against the LORD's Church.

GOD Bless you and me and us all.