Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Hognog, You may call that


You may call that Catholic Mercy and Justice if you like. If it were true that such things as you say happened, in the name of the Church . . . I call it human stupidity and sin. The English burned Joan of Arc at the stake . . . as a Catholic. The English drew and quartered Catholics all the day long. The English 'Head' of the Church, which he placed upon his own head, murdered most of his wives and most of his friends and enemies.

These may have been Catholic in name once upon a time . . . but were not Catholic by Faith . . . and obviously were very sinful people . . . and obviously were in a time and in a state of very confused politics and morals.

Until we get such things straight in our mind, we will ever tend to mis-judge the church unfairly . . . and any Church. These were more cultural and political wars . . . coupled with human sin . . . in spite of the Faith and Teaching of the Church.

Using such 'bad' examples to condemn the Church is just plain wrong.

We can always find bad examples of any group in history if we like, this mostly because there are humans in the group . . . and humans sin. We can always 'justify' our own bad actions by some of the bad examples we find in the Scripture as well, if we are of a wrong-mindedness to do so.

You are correct that these actions are Blaspheme at its' worse, if you like.

You are wrong to say that this is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has never honored such actions of any of Her members . . . more often condemning or trying to stop or mitigate such abuses of either the civil or religious Authority . . . often being powerless to stop any civil Authority or wrong-minded Bishop or so-called Faithful member.

It is often the case that political strife has been coupled with religious affiliation . . . and I think this will occur in the future as well . . . especially when the anti-christ has his day. It has often been the case where otherwise peoples of the same religion have waged war against each other. It goes on today in Islamic countries. It has gone on amongst so-called 'Christians' in the past. These are mostly political and cultural wars and are mostly due to human sin.

It is a fine line sometimes between civil Justice, which can and should punish or restrain offenders for the good of society . . . and civil Justice which is used to batter one's opponents in politics or culture.

Put the blame where it belongs, Lee. Otherwise you become a part of the problem instead of the solution.

There are good and bad in every religion and in every culture and in every politics . . . because of sin.

Heresy must come so that the good may be made manifest.

Good always follows evil . . . if there is repentance and contrition.

I don't think I have ever seen a single solitary incidence where 'Blaming' has done much good . . . especially if it was a general blanket 'Blaming' as you allowed yourself to do.

We all condemn any abuses which you mentioned . . . on either side.

We must realize that some of these incidents have been blown out of proportion and some are outright lies and some are true abuses of authority and are travesties of so-called Justice . . . and none of them are 'of the Faith' or even speak for the Faith but rather go against the Faith in CHRIST and HIS Church.

If we stop where you stopped in our viewing of the other's Faith, we will be lost in our own version of wrong-mindedness . . . and for the same reason . . . sin . . . lack of good-will . . . failure to recognize that all have the ability to sin because they are human and in spite of the Teachings of CHRIST and HIS Church.

GOD Bless you and me and us all.