Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Christ Is Our Eternal Reward

I read that book for the first time in 1972. What an eye opener, they took a pregnant woman and while on the rack cut open her womb, that in itself is an UnHoly act, and while killing the child and screaming to her to accept the Catholic faith, force fed her a burlap sack, piece at a time. Oh, but they weren't finished, Oh No! on they went all the while on pains of hell screamed recant from your Jesus and accept the Cathlolic faith. Through yet?? NO! on they went on their frenzy from hell all the while she thanked Jesus for her pangs. Now they piece by piece ripped the burlap up through her stomach causing to bleed even more severely than from taking the baby out all the while screaming for her to renounce Jesus and accept the Popes message.

Hows that for Catholic mercy and justice, why its Blasheme at its worse!

In Christ,

Saved by grace and grace alone