Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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I think we are not far apart on this issue.

I fully appreciate the approach JPII took in the RCC's general repentance and seeking forgiveness. It was a huge step out from the general path of history and was in my humble opinion both necessary and needed. My point about specifics was to head off any possible accusations of the nature most Catholics have seen far to often where general and unspecific accusations turn from things like wasn't there general brutality during both the Inquisition and Reformation to more and more outrageous claims ending in things like Boetner claimed such as the RCC is responsible for 50 million deaths. I see now that is certainly not where you wanted this discussion to go, but that does not mean others who might join this discussion will not try to take it there.

The problem remaining (and it is a organizational one) is who can speak for the Protestants in the same way JPII spoke for the Catholics? I appreciate apologies such as yours and no offense intended but I agree with you that it would be good for some Protestant leader to come forward and do similarly. But what if one did? Since they could only speak at most for their own denomination (and there is a question as whether they could even do that much) what would that say of the other leaders? And worse yet what if the response of the others was to make this person an outcast as like what happened to Jack VanImpe when he made favorable comments about the RCC on his show? I think an apology to two from Protestant leaders would be great but like you I think just a change in our expression of love between the two general bodies would be much more important. We have to remember there are still places (in this country at least) where some Protestant denominations won't even join with Catholics in protesting abortion (even when that denomination denounces it themselves). There was a book written several years ago I think all Protestants should read, it was entitled - That Last Acceptable Prejudice. It outlines the prejudices Catholics still face in the USA. Now I don't think prejudice will ever leave humanity so I doubt it is the "last" acceptable prejudice we will ever see, but it is still much more acceptable to hate Catholics here than it is to express disdain for the typical groups who have face prejudice such as minorities, women, gays and lesbians. It may not be as much in the news but when it does show up it doesn't even raise an eyebrow in most cases.

Anyway, it is good to be back, though I will not be as active as in the past - time constraints of life and my own personal constraints as to how much I can do, etc. I also hope to be less of a thorn in your side - not because you don't need a thorn but because I hope to be less pointed. :)