Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Question to JWMCMAC and GILDAS

One of the books ccel makes available is Foxe's Book of Martyrs. It is one of the first books I ever read. However, I find myself questioning it in one respect.

Does it tell the whole story of the persecution of God's people under the scope it claims to? Foxe carefully repeats histories of persecution not in dispute such as the imperial persecutions. Does he mention that the Reformers (Luther and Calvin) either incited or did not protest the persecution of catholics by the government in their provinces (where Lutheranism and the Reformed faiths triumphed)? Well, he certainly doesnt focus on it. It is possible that good Christian people were killed by Protestant sympathetic rulers, and Protestant leaders said nothing to stop it? Gildas, do you think Foxe presented a complete view of how God's people were tortured and persecuted during the reformation? Speaking as a Protestant with a knowledge of world history, which spells out some of the very things you mention, do you think perhaps maybe that God's people used political advantage to secure their own positions even if it meant the slaughter of entire families? One might as whether I mean God's people as Protestant or Catholic. My answer would be yes !!! That is, both.

JWMCMAC, do you discount the veracity of the claims of torture and dominant tyranny held by the Roman Catholic Church prior to the era of the Reformation and counter-reformation? Would you agree that some of the very things your counter-reformation sought to do was provide redress for the tyranny and greed of prior popes? Do you deny the historical accounts contained in world history books, not just protestant books like Foxe, of a system that did hold people in utter slavery to itself? Or are you more offended by the fact Foxe does not also spell out the innocent Catholic Christians who were tortured for their conscience' faith?