Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Well . . . at least your bias

Well . . . at least your bias shows . . . and we know where your prejudice lies.

You think yours is the Truth . . . but not I.

There is nothing impartial about this book you reference . . . nor you.

England's loss of Catholic Faith occurred long before the actual event . . . as in the Protestant Reformation.

England's change of 'Faith' was political and social . . . not based on the Truth nor on the 'Faith in CHRIST . . . though their persecution of the Catholics was often based on religious Faith . . . often this was political as well.

Same in every country which went Protestant during those years.

I guess you might say that those Protestants never lost the Faith . . . because they never had it to start with . . . and what they came up with in Sola Scriptura was a Faith of their own making . . . that they each control individually now-a-days . . . each being their own Pope . . . and each giving to themselves more authority than any Pope ever has claimed or been Blessed with.

No Pope can re-interpret any Faith which has been Believed and proclaimed prior to his installation . . . but each Protestant does this throughout their Life . . . changing their own Beliefs as they see fit for each moment of their Life and never agreeing nor feeling compelled to Believe in any manifest 'Unity' of Faith what the next 'inspired' Believer Believes.

Not so with a True Catholic.

A True Catholic must Believe everything that has ever been preached and Believed by the Church from the beginning to now.

Good people on both sides perished unjustly . . . because of prejudice such as in this book and because of politics . . . not because of Truth Faith.

True Faith must always be accompanied by Love . . . and the True Faithful always demonstrate this Love . . . even when the whole world around them has lost the Faith and is politically killing all of their 'perceived' enemies . . .

. . . however . . . politics is a true battle . . . just not one which is based on True Faith or True Love.

GOD Bless you and us all.