Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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DanFugett, Well and kindly


Well and kindly said.

I don't have the time to say this correctly . . . but . . . here goes . . .

you probably won't be able to 'get' this as I will be knocking 'England' a bit . . . although it is not my intention to knock the English as a people or as a religious people . . . as I really Like England and too I like most all of the members of the Church of England which I have met.

. . . these are just a few of many examples of a religion getting blamed when it should be the 'Faithless' and the 'politics' which should be getting the blame.

It is my belief that religion gets blamed for many a 'Faithless' but rather a 'Political' action on the part of mankind.

There was very little, if any, in the way of 'Faith' involved when the so-called Catholic Bishops of England tried and murdered 'Joan of Arc' . . . burning her as a heretic . . . of which Joan was later declared a Saint by the Church . . . while these Bishops perhaps were the real heretics or at least they were politically slanted puppets of the state (I think I said that historically accurately -- but maybe not).

There was very little, if any, in the way of 'Faith' involved when the so-called Catholic Bishops of England went along with Henry the VIII when he declared himself to be the head of the Church . . . as if something like that can even be done. In reality, these Bishops had already 'lost' their 'Faith' or were on the way to losing it . . . and these Bishops were playing 'politics'.

(This event of history too may very much be the way the 'false prophet' and the 'anti-christ' will do it . . . 'Faithless Bishop(s)' and 'a man who thinks he is GOD' coming in his own name . . . not really talking about Kranmer and Henry here . . . although . . . it may fit, to some degree . . . sorry . . . but we all may have to face this situation in the near years to come if Our Lady's Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart does not arrive soon. Just ignore this paragraph, please, if it offends . . . because this aside is besides the point . . . and this paragraph is too purely Catholic for this site -- mentioning a 'private revelation' which is not a formal part of the Catholic Faith and does not have to be Believed by any Catholic or anyone else).

Anyway, these false perceptions have often been held in blaming all religions who happen to be held in favor 'locally' at the time of a 'political' and 'Faithless' persecution by the powers-that-be of those who are not in power or who are in the minority. This practice does seem to recur . . . except during times of True Holiness. Too many of our judges today think they are god . . . instead of judging fairly . . . they ruling falsely . . . by falsely interpreting the meanings of the law at variance with the intended meanings.

These false perceptions of the Truly religious . . . caused by the bad and wrong-minded practices of those who really don't Believe what their religion Teaches but who lay claim to the 'name' . . . most often has very little to do with the actual 'Faith' taught by those Religions . . . and often is in spite of that 'Faith' . . . which otherwise would call them to actually be Holy.

The KKK is an example. The south being pro-slavery and still claiming to be very Religious (which they were . . . but many in a wrong-minded way) is an example.

Wrong-minded people come in every religious persuasion . . . and as I said . . . they are often in opposition to their Church's actual Teachings.

Abortion and contraception come to mind today . . . with euthanasia not far behind . . . with somehow . . . otherwise religious people . . . having lost sight that these practices are 'evil' . . . kicking GOD out of our Lives at the point of conception and at the point of death.

The Church is constantly trying to 'recall to our minds' . . . calling us back to the Truth . . . when we lose our way . . . when we are having a strong 'bent' in wrong-minded directions as to our 'Faith'.

I'm talking about the visible/invisible Church called catholic which has an Authority to call us to the Truth and which has the Hierarchy to deliver the Faith accurately and precisely . . . having only a one man office of being in charge of the matters of Faith and Morals in the visible Church on earth . . . and who's first office-holder, Peter, was appointed by CHRIST . . . and who's vocation it is to 'confirm' also his brethren . . . because CHRIST HIMSELF prayed that his Faith . . . and through Peter, the Faith of every one of these office-holder's Faith . . . may not fail.

Of course, that's what I Believe . . . and you do not have to agree . . . but doesn't it make sense to you? It does to me.

The devil is shooting for something similar . . . but not at all the same . . . no . . . not at all the same.

If Henry had listened to the Pope, England might still be Catholic . . . but then again . . . the Church was in terrible shape and may not have survived anyway in England at the time . . . due to the sins of men . . . which is the real culprit in all of this.

The Catholic Church does not Teach error. But there are Catholics who are 'Faithless' in their so-called practice of the Faith.

If you do not believe me . . . just look at our Congressional Catholics . . . most of whom support abortion. This is not the Church's fault, although some of the blame could be lain at the feet of some wrong-minded Bishops, just as in England's day.

In the same way as the Catholics or the English . . . many of the other Christian Church's entire membership may unfairly get blamed for the sins of a few of their wrong-minded members.

CHRIST having taken the blame for our sins upon HIMSELF, yet was sinless. The Church, in Her essence, is the same.

I Hope my words have not been offensive. They were not intended to be . . . but I know I may not have spoken very well.

GOD Bless you, Danfugett, for your kind words.