Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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To: eibluestar

I read all the posts on Fox's Book of realize many people do wrong things , even evil things...we are not perfect by all means...BUT I happen to believe Fox's book. He spoke honestly back then, he had every right to speak out as we do today...even Luther did... among others....even they saw wrong teaching and evils( some Catholics hate him and think him a traitor) . When they spoke out their lives were threatened by the papacy. There were fanatics who went on there own and killed many people but not authorized by Luther.Though he gets blamed for their doings. Even Luther was not perfect...he just realized there was something wrong in that church and spoke out. Why did the papacy NOT want anyone to have the new testament for themselves in their own language? They collected Luther's books and translations and destroyed them as if trying to hide something from the people. Most of the catholic church is wealthy from the money they conned out of those ignorant of the scriptures, with lies...IE: buy your way out of purgatory , keep your loved ones from hell by giving money to build St Peter's etc..the list goes on...They got rich off of people by taking their property if they were thought heretics of the church.Anyway you know I am sure! Not only that, history of the R.C.C and the Popes backs Fox up. There was a lot of evil back then no doubt but I believe from scriptures alone that the papacy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He thinks he is the Vicar of Christ or represents God on earth, has practically the world worshiping him, they kiss his feet, even bow down to him etc...need i say more. Jesus was poor and humble and so were his apostles!!The Pope filthy rich ( Vatican one of the richest in the world) sitting on his throne while people starve in the world...makes me sick. They have enough $ to feed everyone...that is if they would give up fancy buildings, gold, precious jewels etc... but they store up treasure on earth...material things over feeding the hungry...hmmm this is NOT what Jesus would do if he was here now.So the Pope does not represent Christ...the Holy Spirit does! Also The papacy has always used secular power to do its dirty work. I know there are good Christians in the R.C.C......but most call me a HERETIC and many more ugly names even when I am being polite and nice to them!! Just like they called anyone in the past who didn't believe its teachings and just wanted to keep simple faith in Jesus alone.I worship Jesus alone..I love HIM!! I listen to him alone. Why do some catholics have a big problem with that?
We know the history of the papacy and Rome...heck they even kept detailed records of all the people they killed and why and even how. For anyone to put together a group of men to figure out horrible ways to hurt and kill people who didn't go along with its teaching is sick if you ask me. Imagine sitting in a room thinking of ways to torture people as long as you could...The inquisition still exists, under a different name and they still call us heretics who don't go along with their teachings.IN fact we are not saved if we are not in THEIR church!The church does not save Jesus does!!!! He has the power to save you where ever you are.I believe the true original church was called ''The Way'' ( book of acts) at this time Rome wanted Christians dead.This is Peter's church not the RCC...It was Rome that killed Peter!!! Sorry...If they Killed him why would he be the first so called Roman pope??? Makes NO sense! That old saying is true...''History repeats itself''. I believe if the R.C.C and the POPE had secular power to back them up once again it would be used to do the same as it did before...Personally from hearing the hatred towards me from those who are fanatics about the Pope and the R.C.C. I am worried that might happen again...if they get secular power to back them up again....Absolutely horrifying thought.Most so called Protestant churches love the Pope and seem to be very found of the idea of making some kind of peace with the R.C.C. I want peace...but not at the cost of going against MY faith..They wouldn't want someone telling them they can't worship as they believe either. I believe in freedom of religion!! There is only one true God....But forced worship is not true worship... God wants our true worship and our true love...we know true love cannot be forced either.Let the bible and the Holy Spirit guide our consciences....Worship God alone, never make someone ( like a pope) out to be an idol, keep your thoughts on on Jesus alone.People are making the Pope an idol and thats just wrong!.... Let God sort us all out in His time.
Anyway you are the one on this site I agree with the most.Sorry if I went on so long or offended anyone but sometimes you just have to speak out even if people end up hating you for it.I know that I am hated,I have experienced it many times over my beliefs in scriptures and Jesus BUT on the better side Jesus LOVES me!!!Thats all I care!

In Christ Jesus,