Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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Dear Eibluestar I am sorry

Dear Eibluestar

I am sorry that you did not find life within the Church. I feel that you may have had poor teachers who did not explain to you God's mercy and love. We celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday each year, specifically thanking God for his mercy.

Grace is indeed given through the sacraments. Don't you believe that you are being graced when baptised, when you are ordained a minister, when you are married - just to name a few?

I feel that maybe you may have misunderstood what was being taught or that they did not explain well.

I am sincerely happy that you found a faith the fulfills you and that brings you close to Christ. That is the most important thing - apart from loving all - does not matter the faith they belong to. The main thing is to love because it is the most important commandment after loving God with all your heart, mind, soul.

If we can keep those two important commandments... we would never again see the atrocities and what a joy Our Lord would find when He comes again.

Many blessings-

Yours in Christ,

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess