Comments on Foxe's Book of Martyrs

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my goodness

Gentlemen! It seems I opened up a can of worms with my original comment. Was Foxe a liar! as implied by some posters I don't know for sure I am sure he has some bias like all of us. Its easy to forget that although the current version of the one true church doesn't have the same power to punish and discipline the members of society when the Catholic Church has had full power in both the sacred and the State it has without a doubt wielded an ugly club to maim its enemies. My original comment was about the Catholics who write history specifically in the Republic of Ireland since 1921 which was basically a Secular State with special privileges for the Catholic Church enshrined in the Constitution of the Irish Republic. Was foxes account of the Irish Martyrs total fabrication I don't think so however those who wrote Irish history textbooks within Catholic Ireland never included it in their texts. Many Many examples existed and were display of Protestant persecution of Catholics in Ireland when it wasn't just Catholics who were persecuted by the state in the Kingdom of Britain and Ireland but anyone not a member of the State Church. I grew up Catholic and although many Catholics may find my words harsh the local church failed to teach me salvation by grace alone (a key doctrine of the roman Catholic church! Grace is dispensed through the sacraments I later found out) church also failed to teach me that Gods mercy was available regardless of penance or paying my own price therefore this so called one true church established 300 years after the apostolic age neglected two core principles of faith in Jesus as the Christ and my eternal salvation maybe they need to clean up their act but since they starved me of truth I believe I shall not be going back there to be feed from their fountain of life because it never produced life in me.