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death of deaths

I have want to read this book that is revered to be a christen classic concerning the atonement of the Messiah. But disappointed we are, as this work appeared to hold out some hope that the atonement was thus rightly defined however no so. Gentile teachers have little or no understanding of the atonement as spoken of in the Law and it seems that Gentile teachers fall down upon a lop sided view that atonement is in principal so kind of payment. The Hebrew concept of atonement begins after the fall but it is not a payment but a covering as the name “kaphar” clearly indicates. The entire root stem of this noun begins as a covering not a payment See Mr. Strong.
Mr. Owen seems very convinced by his supposition of limited expiation however, this again is due to gentile ignorance of a system that was in place under the pedagogue for 1520 years. The idea that the atonement is some payment to appease the wrath of GD is at its best heathen of Babylon. If the gentile teacher could understand Passover and it precluding nature to Yom Kippur then one understands that atonement is no payment for appeasement of evil deeds of the wrath of GD. Perhaps the following helps “the life of flesh is in blood and it is given for a covering (atonement) for your lives” Lev 17… This covering is demonstrated in Passover and Yom Kippur… In Passover the blood of the lamb did not pay for evil deeds nor was there and angel of sin but the angle of death, he passed over leaving the life in the dwelling free of death… It mattered not who was in the dwelling he passed over irrespective of deeds and persons. Yom Kippur is like wise atonement i.e. a covering Israel nationally all who dwelt in the land Jew or Gentile are under its covering…
“Behold the lamb of Jehovah Elohim that takes away sin (bitter principal) of the cosmos”… The cosmos cannot commit evil deeds and here it is the noun of the neuter gender with no figure of the metonymy used. If Messiah pays for “sins”, how then does he pay for the sins of the cosmos? He does not pay… he covers. He cover not only our sins (deeds due to the bitter principal i.e. the curse) but the amartias (sins) of the whole cosmos” Now Jehovah Elohim enters into a relationship with all nation where the covering of atonement covers the cosmos and all nations.
Death centric religion is just that… death centric. And in this book Mr. Owen had little to say upon resurrection or Sabbath rest in resurrection. Those under death are under the law those of the spirit walk in resurrection centric faith. Those of this administration have ascended and sit with Christ in the new man in this the glad tidings of peace. This mystery revealed by the beloved Apostle Paul ye nation now brought near by the Blood of Christ… How then can the resurrected and the anointed Christ by resurrection have blood?
Some see the rest are blinded by death and its inevitable state.
Rabbi Ansel