Should we trust the Septuagent like the Holy Spirit does?

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Recently read that the men who were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit and wrote down what we call New Testament, quoted almost always the Septuagent version of the Old Testament even when it disagrees with the Hebrew version even slightly. Wondering are we "liberals" who use modern scholarly techniques to lower the trustworthiness of the Greek Old Testament translation (LXX) by trusting the Hebrew version instead? Can not understand how I as a Bible believing Christian can justify such a move since I believe the New Testament authors were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit when they quoted from the Septuagent version of the Old Testament? It seems also the early Church fathers almost exclusively quoted from the same greek translation to strongly point to Christ as the fulfiller of all old testament prophecies. Eusebius was specially illuminating on this one recently.

Appreciate any other Bible believers' viewpoints on this one.


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LXX over MT

The New Testament authors didn't ever quote from the Masoretic. Why? Because it didn't exist. It was compiled more than 2 centuries after Christ. The Hebrew text that the NT authors (infrequently) quote from doesn't exist anymore except in theory. The closest thing we have is a rather incomplete set of biblical scrolls from Qumran. Not surprisingly, they agree with the LXX against the MT in many cases.
I think (personal opinion) the Masoretic should be kept as reference and only used with careful discretion and only when it is in complete and total agreement with NT theology. I don't believe the Masoretic text always is. Why do I say this? I already explained that above. The MT text was compiled by rabbi's with an anti-Christian agenda. I have read the LXX from beginning to end and consulted the Peshitta and the MT while doing so and it has become more than painfully obvious to me that the MT has instances of vandalism and cases of outright desecration when it comes to the prophecies of Christ. The Peshitta used both the LXX and the Masoretic as a source and most of the existing Targums were written way after Christ and once again by rabbi's with an agenda. It would be nice if Christians consulted these other texts (especially the dead sea scrolls) when coming to theological conclusions but more times than not, they are not even aware that they exist. Many evangelicals would like to keep it that way because they believe it is their duty to court Israel and they want to keep using the text that Jews currently use. Sadly, it may be that many of their ideas about eschatology and other elements of theology are in error because they never bothered to consult the OT that was canonized and the one that, more often than not, was the text that the NT writers quote from.

That was rather long and I do apologize but I thought a thorough explanation was in order.

I'm not looking to start a fight. Just giving one Christian's point of view. It is one that has come from many hours of study. I am not Catholic or Orthodox so I have no denominational agenda by suggesting Christians use the LXX or at least refer to it regularly.

Just curious Geoff, have you read the LXX all the way through?

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