Should we trust the Septuagent like the Holy Spirit does?

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Recently read that the men who were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit and wrote down what we call New Testament, quoted almost always the Septuagent version of the Old Testament even when it disagrees with the Hebrew version even slightly. Wondering are we "liberals" who use modern scholarly techniques to lower the trustworthiness of the Greek Old Testament translation (LXX) by trusting the Hebrew version instead? Can not understand how I as a Bible believing Christian can justify such a move since I believe the New Testament authors were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit when they quoted from the Septuagent version of the Old Testament? It seems also the early Church fathers almost exclusively quoted from the same greek translation to strongly point to Christ as the fulfiller of all old testament prophecies. Eusebius was specially illuminating on this one recently.

Appreciate any other Bible believers' viewpoints on this one.


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In regards to the Septuagint and Bible Translation

I agree with both -- trueseek1 on Sat, 2007-02-24 19:25 - & - with -- Erick M on Sat, 2007-02-24 22:56

I Hope to give a Catholic perspective here . . . hopefully without offending.

Here goes:

Catholics wrote the Bible using the Greek Septuagint . . . as it was the Old Testament in use in CHRIST’s day.

The Jews of the late(?) third century went back to around 600 years before CHRIST, I believe, to the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament and the Protestants of the 1500’s, who were mostly disgruntled Catholics, decided to follow the Jews in this.

. . . however the majority of these difficulties involving Bible Interpretation and translation could be greatly done away with iff . . . we could accept . . . as the Catholics do . . . Believing . . .

1) The Catholics Believing that . . . There is a Church actually established by CHRIST with a Hierarchical structure of Authority and with Power to bind and loose on earth and in Heaven and which will stand until the end of time without the gates of hell prevailing against Her . . . as Scripture explicitly claims there is such a Church established by CHRIST and founded on the Apostles to go forth and Teach and Baptize in the whole world whomever would Believe in JESUS as GOD Incarnate and Obey HIS Commands. This is not an ethereal Church but is an Incarnational Church with Sacraments . . . Sacraments being little incarnational weddings . . . of time and eternity . . . of body and Soul . . . of visible and invisible . . . of the Truth of man’s Nature filled with the Grace of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Where do we think this Church went? When do we think the gates of hell triumphed over Her? What Church today actually Speaks as one Who has Authority and actually claims to possess the Certainty of Truth in Her Doctrine?

2) The Catholics Believing that . . . There is a Living Oral Tradition . . . 'Tradition' being the actual Teachings given by CHRIST to the Apostles by Word of mouth . . . as Scripture says there is such an oral Tradition . . . not referring to the traditions of men . . . but St Paul referring instead to the Doctrine CHRIST Taught the Apostles . . . which they were to hand on to all men . . . which the HOLY SPIRIT would re-call to their minds . . . Scripture saying:

"1 John 14:26 But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.

3) NOW don't take this last one wrong . . . please . . .

The Catholics Believing that . . . the Bible is inerrant and good for every form of edification and instruction in the Faith . . . but the Bible is clearly not the source of Unity among CHRIST's Faithful . . . as is evidenced in Protestantism which bases its’ ‘everything’ on Sacred Scripture . . . without any visible Unity in its’ member congregations and even no certain Doctrine upon which any or all agree . . . the Bible clearly not being . . . the 'Pillar and Bulwark of the TRUTH' as the Bible says "the Church is the Pillar and Bulwark of the TRUTH" . . . the Bible being preserved inerrant because the Church watches over the Words of Scripture as the Written Word of GOD . . . keeping these Words in Her Heart.

“ Luke 2:19 But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart.” . . . So also does the Church ponder CHRIST’s Words in Her Heart.

Anyway . . .

Protestantism is like the Scourging our LORD received at the Pillar . . . being like the Flesh being torn from HIS Mystical Body the Church.

I Believe that Protestants have . . . in one way or another . . . and without this being intentional for their part . . . have gone against the Incarnational aspect of CHRIST’s Mystical Body . . . no longer accepting . . . in one way or another . . . the visible and Invisible Sacramental Incarnational Reality of the Church.

At least that is one Catholic’s view . . . not meaning this to be a negative comment . . . but possibly an enlightening one.

Catholics Love the Bible and Believe It to be inerrant . . . but would never dream of interpreting Scripture separate from the Doctrine of Oral Tradition which CHRIST handed down to and through HIS Church. The Visible Unity of the Catholic Church would not last a day or at best a lifetime if it were otherwise.

The Bible without the Church to hold Its' Word in Her Womb and in Her Heart would be like CHRIST without HIS Mother Mary.