Should we trust the Septuagent like the Holy Spirit does?

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Recently read that the men who were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit and wrote down what we call New Testament, quoted almost always the Septuagent version of the Old Testament even when it disagrees with the Hebrew version even slightly. Wondering are we "liberals" who use modern scholarly techniques to lower the trustworthiness of the Greek Old Testament translation (LXX) by trusting the Hebrew version instead? Can not understand how I as a Bible believing Christian can justify such a move since I believe the New Testament authors were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit when they quoted from the Septuagent version of the Old Testament? It seems also the early Church fathers almost exclusively quoted from the same greek translation to strongly point to Christ as the fulfiller of all old testament prophecies. Eusebius was specially illuminating on this one recently.

Appreciate any other Bible believers' viewpoints on this one.


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Authoritative Septuagint Argument Fails

First, let me say the Septuagint is a very valuable resource, esp. for textual criticism. But this argument doesn't work.

The New Testament quotes Old Testament sources other than the Septuagint:

Jerome, when speaking about Matthew, said: "In this it is to be noted that wherever the Evangelist (Matthew), whether on his own account or in the person of our Lord the Saviour quotes the testimony of the Old Testament he does not follow the authority of the translators of the Septuagint but the Hebrew."

That's from the work here.

Furthermore, the Septuagint is great insofar as it accurately reflects the underlying Hebrew texts (including text families besides the Masoretic). But my quoting the NIV or ESV as authoritative doesn't mean I view those translations as the same par as the underlying texts. So simply quoting the Septuagint doesn't prove your argument. Quoting other text families does, and the New Testament does.