Should we trust the Septuagent like the Holy Spirit does?

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Recently read that the men who were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit and wrote down what we call New Testament, quoted almost always the Septuagent version of the Old Testament even when it disagrees with the Hebrew version even slightly. Wondering are we "liberals" who use modern scholarly techniques to lower the trustworthiness of the Greek Old Testament translation (LXX) by trusting the Hebrew version instead? Can not understand how I as a Bible believing Christian can justify such a move since I believe the New Testament authors were under the infallible inspiration of the Holy Spirit when they quoted from the Septuagent version of the Old Testament? It seems also the early Church fathers almost exclusively quoted from the same greek translation to strongly point to Christ as the fulfiller of all old testament prophecies. Eusebius was specially illuminating on this one recently.

Appreciate any other Bible believers' viewpoints on this one.


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To me it seems "heretical gnostic "spirit-led" interpretation" is just as visible in a logic of Plenary Inspiration. The image of Biblical writers entering a Spirit lead trance to write words that, in some esoteric appeal, have no 'errors' in them, definitely sounds gnostic. As though it is not truth unless God bypasses thier that they dont make any mistakes...because the physical world is untrustable, maybe?

Inspiration doesn't mean that everyone was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and wrote, absolutely, only what He made them write. That's crazy. If so then why does Paul ask for his jacket back?

And you are not likely to build an argument for such a view of inspiration from scripture (noting that the "all scripture is God breathed" verse is a HAP LEG and connot be confirmed to have a meaning PLUS it is refering to the Hebrew Bible...not itself).

Just some thoughts.