Comments on ANF10. Bibliographic Synopsis; General Index

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Digital version for ANF10

I disagree that a full digital index and bibliography wouldn't be that useful because it's 19th century, Harry. It would be supremely useful to the relatively small handful of people who use Schaff's complete collection. But digital word or phrase searches of the PDF's or even the plain text versions are possible. There may even be, though I don't have enough proficiency on the computer to know them, ways to search the entire collection at the same time, so the lack of a full index at least might be circumvented. The bibliographies are tucked in throughout all the volumes, where relevant, and these may be complete in their entirety, though fragmented in display. At any rate, the "hue and cry" for Volume 10 appears not to justify the huge number of man-hours that a corrected copy of the volume would require. Thank you for making Dr. Schaff's amazing collection available to the public.