Manifestations of Spiritual Gifts

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I have recently been involved in a "study" (it seemed more a debate and I withdrew for the moment) regarding the gifts/sign-gifts of the Apostles and how they may or may not be valid today. Since withdrawing from that study, I have found much support in scripture to the validity of "miracles" today. Just this morning in 1 Cor where Paul discussed his "thorn" spoke of God's will to heal or not. My understanding has been that healing, along with other signs and gifts is still valid today, but, as with anything of God, is according to his will, and not only of our faith. Paul had faith, to the degree that God took him to the third heaven. Some have tried to pursuade me that all signs, miracles, etc., ended with the apostles.

My request to any who read this is, how are we to respond to those who have been taught and attempt to adhere to these teachings? I say attempt because of the double-speak I experienced, while putting forth scripture to validate that God can, will, and does desire to give healing (other than spiritual via salvation) to some for the purpose of demonstrating his power to the end of the age. I know He has healed today because He has healed or "delivered" me from many affictions, as well as others who have testified. It is on that basis that I stand firm.

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