Mothers of James.

These are the mothers of the two disciples named James in the New Testament.

James son of Alphaeus:

James brother of Jesus had four mothers , each had the (Anglicized) name Mary. The four are Mary of Alphaeus, Mary of Theuda, Mary of Joachim, and Mary of Clopas. In chronological order, Mary of Alphaeus was birth mother, Mary of Theuda was matroclinous milk-mother, Mary of Joachim was foster/redeemer mother, and Mary of Clopas was step mother.

1. Mary of Alphaeus:

Mary was the first wife of Alphaeus and was the birth mother of his sons, James and Judas, with Judas being dubbed Joses - as per excerpts from Infancy Gospels such as The History of the Blessed Mary, The Arabic Infancy Gospel, First Infancy Gospel of Joseph the High Priest, etc.
She died circa 2 BC.

2.Mary of Theuda:

Mary of ¹Theuda/Zebedee was the mother of the sons of Zebedee, John and James. She was also the milk-mother of James the son of Alphaeus, as ascribed to James brother of John → The Assumption of the Virgin; The Lament of the Virgin, A. Mingana, where disciple James brother of John is separate to disciple James son of Zebedee — one of the "sons of thunder"; and "the brother of the Lord" a milk kin brother of Jesus → Apocalypse of James.
James son of Alphaeus also known as James the Less was the matroclinous son of Mary of Theuda via her milk, and as described in Hebrew lore, he was the son of John's mother.

3. Mary of Joachim:

The Virgin Mary was the daughter of Joachim and Anna, and was the foster/redeemer mother of James and Judas. During her betrothal time to Joseph, she found James brokenhearted in Joseph's nephew Alphaeus' house after the recent loss of his mother Mary, and so she took care of him.
The younger Judas during that time, was probably not weened, and so would have been placed with Joseph's adult children or clan, those who with babies could provide breast milk until he was weened and could join his brother.
James and Judas were fostered/redeemed by Joseph and Mary, perhaps in lieu of debts or tax owed by Alphaeus, or he was just unable to provide care for them. James as one of Joseph's sons, is recorded as being enrolled with Joseph, Mary and Jesus, at Bethlehem.
History of Joseph the Carpenter; Nativity Gospels.

4. Mary of Clopas:

Mary of Clopas, was the second wife of Alphaeus and the step-mother of James and Judas, who after sojourning with Joseph and Mary as redeemed sons would have been released to Alphaeus after the sixth year - see Deuteronomy 15:12.
She was the daughter-in-law of Clopas. He was the brother of Joseph, and so was the supposed paternal uncle of Jesus Christ, attributed to by the early recorder Hegesippus.
Mary was the younger sister of the Virgin Mary. Her sister The Virgin Mary was kept in the care of the temple from age three until betrothal, a custom of the law, where she devoted her life to God, and for solace her parents gave the same name Mary to their second born daughter, who was home with them.
Alphaeus was the son of Clopas, and in the following years after he became a widower, married Mary, the second born daughter of Joachim and Anna.
This Mary took the name Mary of Clopas, to differentiate in recordings between her sister and Alphaeus' first wife.
She is marked in Holy Scripture as mother of James and Joses, the dubbed name of Judas, Mark 15:40, Mark 15:47; and noted as the other Mary, Matthew 28:1 etc.
Joses is indentured by translators in place of Justus,(see History of Joseph the Carpenter) in lists pertaining to the kin of Jesus Christ, (see Matthew 13:55,Mark 6:3).
Judas dubbed as Joses overrides Justus dubbed as Joses when concerning Mary of Clopas marked at Mark 15:40 and Mark 15:47.

James son of Zebedee:

James was the son of Mary the wife of ¹Zebedee/Theuda; and due to his physical resemblance and character traits via co-milk nuturing according to Hebrew lore, a matroclinous son of the Virgin Mary → Lament of the Virgin [describes Jesus resembling His Virgin Mother, and icons of James the son of Zebedee with his seashell emblem, resembles Jesus]; Ignatius to John; Apocalypse of James.

¹Theuda is the transliteration of Zebedee, meaning: gift of God.