Brothers and Sisters of the Family of Jesus Christ.

The names of Jesus' brothers and sisters at the time of his infancy were Justus, Simeon, Lydia and Assia - being widower Joseph's adult children with his first wife, and James the Less and Judas - being Joseph's children sons who were fostered/redeemed from his widowed nephew Alphaeus son of Clopas, Joseph's brother.

James and Judas, after sojourning with Joseph and the Virgin Mary were reinstalled with Alphaeus and his second wife the other Mary, described at Mark Ch.15:40,47. Justus was also known as Joseph and Judas was also known as Joses - names of which when one is enlightened show that scriptures naming Joses and Joseph for the same person to be interpolations of uninformed transcribers. Ref:The History of Joseph the Carpenter, Nativity and History Gospels of the Virgin Mary, Leviticus Ch.25:39ff.