James the Apostle, and the Justness of Him Being Bishop of Jerusalem.

St James the Apostle was the son of Zebedee and Mary.

Zebedee is transliterated into Theuda, the Greek for Zebedee. Zebedee and Theuda both mean gift of God. The Bishop of Jerusalem is recorded as the son of Theuda and Mary, in the Apocalypse of James.

It is non-compliant with Holy Scripture to designate James the Less as Bishop of Jerusalem. The New Testament records that the three more saintly of the Twelve Disciples were Peter, and the sons of Zebedee, James and John.

Peter was sent to found the Church in Rome, John to found the Church in Ephesus, and James son of Zebedee governed the Church in Jerusalem and its regions.

In his capacity of being alike in character and facial appearance to Jesus Christ, he was known as James the Just and called the Lord's Brother - The Second Epistle of Ignatius to John.

The evidence is incontrovertible when the accounts as written, are acknowledged as being in concordance with Holy Scripture.

To discount these following records you will be non-compliant with Holy Scripture.


1. Jesus Christ selects Peter, James and John as His inner circle of three and being strongest of the Twelve, are taught the deeper meaning of His teachings, necessary for leaders for the founding of Christianity - New Testament.

2.James son of Zebedee was the more saintly of the two named James of the Twelve, and therefore James written without an appellation refers to him, giving continuity throughout the New Testament and Holy Scripture.

3.James son of Zebedee (Theuda) is accounted as these: James the Just, the Bulwark, one of the Twelve disciples, a spiritual brother of Jesus Christ and a microbiome co-milk kinship brother that via the Virgin Mary resembled Jesus Christ - all within the Apocalypse of James, Apocryphon of James and Lament of the Virgin by A. Minanga.

4.James, the Bishop of Jerusalem, with the surname of the Lord's brother, is designated as James son of Zebedee, one of the sons of thunder, - as per the Virgin Mary and accounts contained within her Assumption Gospels such as The History of the Blessed Virgin Mary, E. A. Wallis Budge.

5.James brother of John is accounted as having been already dead at her Assumption, and so in concordance with Acts 12:2. James the Less is read as a brother by mother to John, - John 19:27; Mark 6:3; History of the Virgin Mary: W. Wright; History of the Blessed Mary: Budge, Earnest Alfred Wallis.