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Amalekite Problem

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had any success in refuting the Amalekite objection to Christianity.

(If you're not familiar with it, it goes something like "Christians (via Jews and the Old Testament) believe in genocide. They wiped out the entire Amalekite race, women and children. How do you serve a God like that?")

Ways I thought of responding to it are:
- The dispensational paradox: God was different then and there was a different covenant (this line of reasoning could be problematic...)
- The Amalekites were a voluntary association: (like the Israelites.) Anyone could join or leave (see the book of Esther for the voluntary Israel reference), kind of like ISIS does not require one to be of Arab descent, and Christianity does not require one to be Jewish or Greek
- Women and children could be soldiers also: It does not include infants. Perhaps the death warrant was issued against women and child soldiers only. Certainly many terrorist organizations of today are training women and children as suicide bombers.
- Textual criticism: I'd love for the LXX or Dead Sea Scrolls to prove the Amalekite passage was an interpolation; however this is unheard of.
- Archaeology: Proof that the Amalekites were not wiped out; where is Indiana Jones (or his son) when you need them?

In short, asking if any fellow believers have had success in confronting the Amalekite dialemma - - what an Orthodox Jewish rabbi once referred to as, "the dark side of Judaism."

Grace be with you.

New Research

I've come across some new info on this... the Amalekites were descendents of Canaan, aka the Anuki, etc. These were a race of giants. When invading Canaan (the land God promised to Abraham, which was originally barren, but later squatted on by Canaanites when Israel became slaves to Egypt), the spies noted that "there were giants... we were as grasshoppers in their sight." Some believe (i.e. Mormons) that these were descended from the half-human/half-angel from Ham's wife, pre-flood. Canaan is suspected to have inherited the "Anuki" (giantism) gene via his mother...

Not saying I espouse it or not, but under this viewpoint, the flood was brought about to attempt to wipe out the giants because they were a threat to the very existence of humanity. Noah was "perfect in his generations" meaning, he had no giantism in his seed despite other families intermarrying with aliens (i.e. fallen angels.)

Unfortunately, no archaelogical evidence has been discovered (or publicly revealed) to support this theory. That is, unless one counts "dinosaurs" as artistic re-imaginings of the giants bones, who may or may not have been part lizard. All of this generally relates to prehistoric times, or pre-flood times, so information is limited at best.

Needless to say, the antediluvian period / pre-Tower of Babel has become one of my favorite eras of history to research. Indiana Jones! Where are you? We need you now.

Grace be with you all-