City of God: Book Twenty

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Editor's Summary: Argument—Concerning the last judgment, and the declarations regarding it in the old and new testaments.

That Although God is Always Judging, It is Nevertheless Reasonable to Confine Our Attention in This Book to His Last Judgment. That in the Mingled Web of Human Affairs God’s Judgment is Present, Though It Cannot Be Discerned. What Solomon, in the Book of Ecclesiastes, Says Regarding the Things Which Happen Alike to Good and Wicked Men. That Proofs of the Last Judgment Will Be Adduced, First from the New Testament, and Then from the Old. The Passages in Which the Saviour Declares that There Shall Be a Divine Judgment in the End of the World.

What is the First Resurrection, and What the Second. What is Written in the Revelation of John Regarding the Two Resurrections, and the Thousand Years, and What May Reasonably Be Held on These Points. Of the Binding and Loosing of the Devil. What the Reign of the Saints with Christ for a Thousand Years Is, and How It Differs from the Eternal Kingdom. What is to Be Replied to Those Who Think that Resurrection Pertains Only to Bodies and Not to Souls. Of Gog and Magog, Who are to Be Roused by the Devil to Persecute the Church, When He is Loosed in the End of the World.

Whether the Fire that Came Down Out of Heaven and Devoured Them Refers to the Last Punishment of the Wicked. Whether the Time of the Persecution or Antichrist Should Be Reckoned in the Thousand Years. Of the Damnation of the Devil and His Adherents; And a Sketch of the Bodily Resurrection of All the Dead, and of the Final Retributive Judgment. Who the Dead are Who are Given Up to Judgment by the Sea, and by Death and Hell.

Of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Of the Endless Glory of the Church. What the Apostle Peter Predicted Regarding the Last Judgment. What the Apostle Paul Wrote to the Thessalonians About the Manifestation of Antichrist Which Shall Precede the Day of the Lord. What the Same Apostle Taught in the First Epistle to the Thessalonians Regarding the Resurrection of the Dead. Utterances of the Prophet Isaiah Regarding the Resurrection of the Dead and the Retributive Judgment. What is Meant by the Good Going Out to See the Punishment of the Wicked. What Daniel Predicted Regarding the Persecution of Antichrist, the Judgment of God, and the Kingdom of the Saints. Passages from the Psalms of David Which Predict the End of the World and the Last Judgment. Of Malachi’s Prophecy, in Which He Speaks of the Last Judgment, and of a Cleansing Which Some are to Undergo by Purifying Punishments.

Of the Sacrifices Offered to God by the Saints, Which are to Be Pleasing to Him, as in the Primitive Days and Former Years. Of the Separation of the Good and the Bad, Which Proclaim the Discriminating Influence of the Last Judgment. That the Law of Moses Must Be Spiritually Understood to Preclude the Damnable Murmurs of a Carnal Interpretation. Of the Coming of Elias Before the Judgment, that the Jews May Be Converted to Christ by His Preaching and Explanation of Scripture. That in the Books of the Old Testament, Where It is Said that God Shall Judge the World, the Person of Christ is Not Explicitly Indicated, But It Plainly Appears from Some Passages in Which the Lord God Speaks that Christ is Meant.