City of God: Book Sixteen

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Editor's Summary: Argument—In the former part of this book, from the first to the twelfth chapter, the progress of the two cities, the earthly and the heavenly, from Noah to Abraham, is exhibited from Holy Scripture: In the latter part, the progress of the heavenly alone, from Abraham to the kings of Israel, is the subject.

Whether, After the Deluge, from Noah to Abraham, Any Families Can Be Found Who Lived According to God. What Was Prophetically Prefigured in the Sons of Noah. Of the Generations of the Three Sons of Noah. Of the Diversity of Languages, and of the Founding of Babylon. Of God’s Coming Down to Confound the Languages of the Builders of the City. What We are to Understand by God’s Speaking to the Angels. Whether Even the Remotest Islands Received Their Fauna from the Animals Which Were Preserved, Through the Deluge, in the Ark. Whether Certain Monstrous Races of Men are Derived from the Stock of Adam or Noah’s Sons. Whether We are to Believe in the Antipodes. Of the Genealogy of Shem, in Whose Line the City of God is Preserved Till the Time of Abraham. That the Original Language in Use Among Men Was that Which Was Afterwards Called Hebrew, from Heber, in Whose Family It Was Preserved When the Confusion of Tongues Occurred.

Of the Era in Abraham’s Life from Which a New Period in the Holy Succession Begins. Why, in the Account of Terah’s Emigration, on His Forsaking the Chaldeans and Passing Over into Mesopotamia, No Mention is Made of His Son Nahor. Of the Years of Terah, Who Completed His Lifetime in Haran. Of the Time of the Migration of Abraham, When, According to the Commandment of God, He Went Out from Haran. Of the Order and Nature of the Promises of God Which Were Made to Abraham. Of the Three Most Famous Kingdoms of the Nations, of Which One, that is the Assyrian, Was Already Very Eminent When Abraham Was Born. Of the Repeated Address of God to Abraham, in Which He Promised the Land of Canaan to Him and to His Seed. Of the Divine Preservation of Sarah’s Chastity in Egypt, When Abraham Had Called Her Not His Wife But His Sister. Of the Parting of Lot and Abraham, Which They Agreed to Without Breach of Charity. Of the Third Promise of God, by Which He Assured the Land of Canaan to Abraham and His Seed in Perpetuity. Of Abraham’s Overcoming the Enemies of Sodom, When He Delivered Lot from Captivity and Was Blessed by Melchizedek the Priest.

Of the Word of the Lord to Abraham, by Which It Was Promised to Him that His Posterity Should Be Multiplied According to the Multitude of the Stars; On Believing Which He Was Declared Justified While Yet in Uncircumcision. Of the Meaning of the Sacrifice Abraham Was Commanded to Offer When He Supplicated to Be Taught About Those Things He Had Believed. Of Sarah’s Handmaid, Hagar, Whom She Herself Wished to Be Abraham’s Concubine. Of God’s Attestation to Abraham, by Which He Assures Him, When Now Old, of a Son by the Barren Sarah, and Appoints Him the Father of the Nations, and Seals His Faith in the Promise by the Sacrament of Circumcision. Of the Male, Who Was to Lose His Soul If He Was Not Circumcised on the Eighth Day, Because He Had Broken God’s Covenant. Of the Change of Name in Abraham and Sarah, Who Received the Gift of Fecundity When They Were Incapable of Regeneration Owing to the Barrenness of One, and the Old Age of Both. Of the Three Men or Angels, in Whom the Lord is Related to Have Appeared to Abraham at the Oak of Mamre. Of Lot’s Deliverance from Sodom, and Its Consumption by Fire from Heaven; And of Abimelech, Whose Lust Could Not Harm Sarah’s Chastity.

Of Isaac, Who Was Born According to the Promise, Whose Name Was Given on Account of the Laughter of Both Parents. Of Abraham’s Obedience and Faith, Which Were Proved by the Offering Up, of His Son in Sacrifice, and of Sarah’s Death. Of Rebecca, the Grand-Daughter of Nahor, Whom Isaac Took to Wife. What is Meant by Abraham’s Marrying Keturah After Sarah’s Death. What Was Indicated by the Divine Answer About the Twins Still Shut Up in the Womb of Rebecca Their Mother. Of the Oracle and Blessing Which Isaac Received, Just as His Father Did, Being Beloved for His Sake. Of the Things Mystically Prefigured in Esau and Jacob. Of Jacob’s Mission to Mesopotamia to Get a Wife, and of the Vision Which He Saw in a Dream by the Way, and of His Getting Four Women When He Sought One Wife. The Reason Why Jacob Was Also Called Israel. How It is Said that Jacob Went into Egypt with Seventy-Five Souls, When Most of Those Who are Mentioned Were Born at a Later Period. Of the Blessing Which Jacob Promised in Judah His Son.

Of the Sons of Joseph, Whom Jacob Blessed, Prophetically Changing His Hands. Of the Times of Moses and Joshua the Son of Nun, of the Judges, and Thereafter of the Kings, of Whom Saul Was the First, But David is to Be Regarded as the Chief, Both by the Oath and by Merit.

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